Friday, December 18, 2009

Latest Injuries

Or... "Battle Wounds":

Fat Lip (from wiggling not out of his booster seat but wiggling his booster seat off of the dining room chair; he was strapped in it)
Red Eyelid (collided with Daniel Porter in the church nursery)
Scrapes on Back (Ring-Around-the-Christmas-Tree)
Scrape on Nose (origin unknown)

Bruise on head (origin unknown)
Rug Burns on Chest (As he put it "Wanna see my awesome way of getting down the stairs???")
"Owie" on Finger, Scrape on Knee (helping Daddy with the Christmas Tree)

Playing "This is the Way the Ladies Ride" with each other

Wishing you a survived Christmas,

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Kid Centered Day (Truely)

Let's be honest- being a mom is HARD. I love it, and wouldn't trade my Bishop Boys for anything- but it is HARD. And thankless. But worth it. I'm tired of women not saying anything about the exhaustion and acting like it was all peachy keen for 18 years. You must not remember.

Lately I have been convicted of something- Tyler is in a desperate pursuit of my attention. You may be thinking, "Well, duh. He's a kid." But I have been convicted that the disobedience and violent behavior against his brother is a direct result of the lack of one-on-one attention with me. This was a VERY disheartening realization because 1. I felt terrible about it; and 2. I ALREADY WORK HARD! This is not to toot my own horn- but between the house cleaning and groceries and feeding and running and laundry and appeasing and trying raise decent human beings I am already drained at the end of the day, is what I mean- I'm not saying I do a good job at any of these. So by the time Austin goes down for a nap, Tyler finally has me all to himself and I am TOAST- or, feeling guilty that the floor is still nasty and socks need to be folded.

But really- Tyler's behavior has had us at each other's throats. And we both end up feeling terrible. SO- The Holy Spirit decided to convict me that it's time to be unselfish. Brooke and Courtney helped by encouraging me to do one day where if the house doesn't get clean, oh well. It's all about the kids. A Kid Centered Day. This is what we did:

French toast, dressed, went to Kids Party Central for two hours (indoor playground), McDonald's, Old Navy (Ty got to pick out 3 shirts), home, Austin down for nap, train tracks, cars, movie (together- I didn't fall asleep or do laundry like I normally do), Austin up, library, dinner, bath, sleep. I have documented my kitchen after the Kid Centered Day:

I DID manage to do a load of laundry- but it didn't make it past folding.

Aaaaand- I had to still clean all this up after they went to bed. God decided in a way to "bless" this day by having it be the day Doug wasn't coming home until about 11:00pm from a men's conference out at a camp in Sebastopol. So I didn't feel as much pressure to have everything clean when he came home. (Don't worry- he would not be offended by this).
Now, realistically, we can't do all those things every day. Safeway must be visited, and the house must be cleaned, the laundry done. But Tyler was in SUCH a better mood. And so was I. The challenge now is finding the balance between being unselfish for my kids and unselfish for my husband. AND fight off my own selfishness (I mean, who DOESN'T want to take a snooze during Thomas the Tank Engine??) I hope I can continue making time for Tyler in that special way. He hasn't been alone with me really in almost two years. And in two months he'll be heading off to preschool and Austin and I will be alone two days of the week. Which is wonderful and sad and strange all at once. So I guess I better build on this relationship a bit more, huh? Not that the "preschool-ness" behavior will magically end, but it's easier (not easy) to discipline and tell him who's boss when you've filled the emotional tank a bit.
Being a mom is HARD. And worth it.
And maybe someday we'll get a thank you. (I thanked my mom after I went through labor for the first time.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A little more lighthearted... let's laugh a bit, eh?

Okay, so my last post was a little intense, I know... if you haven't read it though, don't bother-- it may make you think less of me. But here is a new post- an interactive one! I just have HAVE to post on this because it has been causing me so much laughter in the past few weeks, and laughter is truely the best medicine. One instance even had me in tears (of laughter) on Sunday morning as I re-told it to some dear friends.

SO- what is it, you ask? Well, I want to start posting some of the mommy (or daddy)-isms that I have found myself saying... not the typical "I told you so" type, but a mommy-ism that you never could have imagined saying to anyone in your life, and only your child(ren) have been able to brew such a statement in you. I want you to help me! Post (as a comment) something you've said to your kids that you look back and think "What!?!?!?" or it just makes you laugh. My (real) example will be below, so you'll totally know what I mean. If you are a mommy or a daddy, please add to my list! As many as you want! Let's read each others and have a little chuckle. Check back to find more later.

Love to you all... and remember: being a parent isn't always a barrel of laughs... but sometimes you get a truckload.

"If you eat another ant, you will get a spanking."

"Please don't paint the television."

Monday, October 19, 2009

I lost my baby today...

Today was wonderful and horrible all at the same time. In the pouring rain we headed to the Dow's house for a much needed playdate/catch up with Maddie and Tina. Maddie had the day off from being a big first grader so the timing was perfect. Wonderful.

Tina and I sat in the family room sipping coffee as the kids ran up and down the stairs playing fairly well together as we caught up on our news. Wonderful.

Big Kids opened the front door. Left it open. Horrible.

(This is one of those stories that you really REALLY don't want to tell people about, because it makes it seem like you are the most terrible, unattentive parent in the universe; but it so profoundly affects you that you can't help but share. It's hard for me not to share when my heart breaks).

Austin goes out the front door. Tina and Adria, being not near the front door, didn't even know it was open. Horrible.

Big Kids say they can't find Austin. Wonderful. (That they told us).

I go running out in the rain while Tina looks all over the house. No trace. No trace at all. Horrible.

There is a field across the street from the Dow's that now has a small creek running through because of the rain. Horrible.

I look EVERWHERE on their street, thinking, "this is impossible- his legs aren't that long!"

Now both Tina and I were searching outside. Nothing.

This was probably 10 minutes, but you must agree- that is a lifetime while looking for a missing kid. A lifetime.

I finally got in my car; we were seriously ready to call the police. I roll down my windows in the rain, looking frantically. I think I might die. Horrible.

NEXT STREET OVER: Someone is looking in the backseat of their car while stopped in the middle of the street. I'm thinking, might be wonderful.

It was... a sweet lady saw him wandering and picked him up. Lord bless her, she said she had grandbabies (a midst my sobs) and even had a carseat in her car. I think I hugged her four times. She was strapping him in to go knock on doors when I found them. Wonderful.

God is good. So so so so so amazingly good. The things that could have happened, DIDN'T. Let's not go into those, they are already playing in my head.

Needless to say, I'm feeling VERY grateful for my healthy boys today. I lost my baby today and he's okay. Thank you, Jesus.

Now, go give your own babies a kiss. Or your dog. Or significant other. I did.

I might give Austin a couple more days sleeping with his pacifier.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Trying so very hard....

I was just telling my girlfriends last night that I think that I don't blog much because I don't find it interesting to anybody. Then I realized that Brooke does exactly the same thing (albeit way more often, she is so on it) and I read hers every day... I think HERS is interesting. So here I am again after a long thought out process of whether to keep the blog or not (by the way, I'm still not sure. I'm so fickle). Anyways, things are as well as they can be around these parts. October decided to come really fast and drastically change the weather from 102 degrees to 60 and windy. I hate the wind. (Has anyone else put flannel sheets on their bed yet? Because I'm highly considering it). I do NOT however, hate Halloween. I need to buy the boys' costumes like, yesterday... but dressing up and trick-or-treating is just precious. They have so much fun. So we're looking forward to that.

When it was still warmish outside last week or so, I took the boys outside in our "backyard". Since we decided to not buy a house for awhile, I've been trying REALLY hard to enjoy and appreciate what we do have. Our backyard that we actually own is not a yard at all... it's a storage area with bark and a 5x5 patio. So, we go outside the gate to the other "backyard"... the one we pay HOA to maintain every month??? (yeah i guess we should use it). So I let the boys run on the grass and play with their golf clubs and trucks and get out a little energy. It's a lot of effort because it's not fenced and there is a road right near the grassy knolls... but again, I'm trying really hard here to use and be grateful for what we do have..... see Austin heading for the road? I had already called him back twice at this point. There's a lot of running after children to make sure they live while we are "appreciating". :-)

The kids have a good time, they need an outlet and lets face it, cartoons just don't do it (though Imagination Movers help me to clean the floor). So seeing their little bodies run and run and run just brings joy to my soul and makes the whole thing worth it. Then daddy comes home and tries to fall asleep on the grass. Riiiiiiight. Good luck with that one, honey.

Other things that are fun and new: We went camping at Henry Cowell State Park a couple weeks ago with Mike and Michele. It was so fun and dirty as camping always is. However, Henry Cowell was super close to Santa Cruz, so not only did we go the Boardwalk (even Austin went on a ride by himself, so adorable), but also to the beach, Capitola and Roaring Camp Railroad. It was a nice last bit of summer for us.

Annabelle Lyric Burgess joined us on September 23rd! She is so beautiful and sweet you just want to gobble her up! Andrea and Brandon are doing great as new parents... Little Annie is so blessed to have them as parents. We are all so excited to have finally met her! :)

Tyler tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu last night for the first time. I didn't get to stay and watch because the studio was all open and Austin thought it was all for him to run around on. So Doug stayed with Tyler and said afterwards he did really well; listened and did what they told him to do (fascinating, isn't it???). But the owner said for attention spans being so short at his age that we might want to wait just a couple months. Ty was the youngest in there so it totally made sense. But it was fun to start thinking about little activities for him to do on his own... big man.

They just keep growing.... and I keep trying to appreciate every moment at this age even amongst the whining, hitting, defiance and pouting. Because (as I like to tell Tyler when he asks "But whhhhhyyyyyyyy???") God put me in charge of them. And what other job would you really want than the one He gives you?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Pick The Ending...

Hello again friends and family,

So do you remember (or have ever been to a) murder mystery theatre? In high school we did a play called "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". We learned like four or five possible endings to the show, each with a different character being the murderer and a corresponding song. :) Anyways, the audience got to vote on who was the murderer, and so, once a murderer was elected, we would act it out in that way. (Pictures of me in my costume NOT included in blog post) ;-)

Well, now it's your turn, though sorry- no murdering involved! YOU (reader of Bishop Blog) get to decide if I shall continue blogging. I know, it sounds like a pity party but it's NOT! I really want to know who has read all my posts. I haven't been consistent at all, so I know it's really my fault... so I think that I should stop. BUT if people in my family or friends that I don't see often (Courtney and Brooke, you don't count....sorry. But comment anyways!! :) actually DO like the updates and read them, please tell me so by clicking on the "0 comments" (or whatever number it says) link at the beginning of this post (right under the title), and leaving a comment. You can even just say hi.

NO GUILT!!!!!! If you DON'T read my blog, well... you are reading it right now, so... that's not you. What will happen is I will leave this up for a couple weeks and if nobody (or, not many) people comment then... this will be the last post. Which is fine, seriously. If I continue then I PROMISE I will blog more because NOW (drumroll, please...) I have the computer OUT of my boys' room so it is of easier access and use to me! Yay!

So... comment or not, no big deal, really! :)

Here are some pictures of us at the Gravenstein Apple Fair in Sebastopol... total throwback event of my youth. We enjoyed yummy food, tractors, and hippies dancing. Can't beat that. :)

Tyler in Bounce House; and with a corn dog

Doug telling Andrea a story
Doug and I

Austin checking out the animals

My personal favorite picture: Phil "proudly" pointing at the Weeks sign.

My and the boys on the "tractor train" ride

Monday, July 13, 2009

Long update and does anyone in my family even check this, I have no idea...

So... I am a HORRID blogger. It's a fact. My friend Brooke is like beyond "on it" and another friend Courtney just started a blog so I was inspired to get my act together a bit. Just a quick update on our crazy summer so far and some pics of the boys. I'll try to be more on it from now on (emphasis on the word "try")...Tyler: Is just a big man, what can I say? Tyler is really enjoying summer. Loved camping (we took a trip with our extended "cousin family" on Doug's side: Brandon and Andrea Burgess, David and LeAnn Burgess and Ryan, Courtney, Riley and Danny Porter. It was crazy, dirty and fun); loves swimming (no fear); and of course, riding his NEW big boy "cool bike" as he calls it. He went to VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church last week and loved it. It was like having him go to preschool for four days, amazing. :) Over all he is at an amazing and challenging age... but so fun.Austin: My "Austin Bear" is everywhere and wants to do everything Tyler does. He has a few words (go, mama, dada, no, bye bye) but loves his paci so much we don't get to hear them :). He's still teething like crazy and we are looking forward to THAT being over, but in the meantime Austin still manages to have fun and get dirty and take toys from his brother. Austin is my snuggler and I never pass up a hug from ANY of my boys. :) (BTW... he climbed into the dryer himself).
Doug and I: Got to take a trip just the two of us in May to Tahoe. We went to South Lake and stayed at Mont Bleu. It was really nice to get away. We went on a sailing cruise on the Lake (70 degrees, just perfect) and layed in the sun on a catamaran while admiring the mountains. We also went to an art gallery, Edgewood golf course (to admire, not play... I would just be embarassing) and shopping. Doug played craps at the casino and did very well! A very fun weekend.

We've been working on fixing up our condo and slowing it is turning into the condo we always wanted it to be (yay!). Next step is replacing the floor downstairs from horrid carpet and tile to laminate. Doug is doing everything himself and I am thankful to have such a handy husband.

Just this last Saturday I got back from a trip to Fresno for Sachie's bridal shower. She's marrying my cousin Josh at the end of August. It was so fun to see my Fresno family (which now includes my brother who is attending FSU) and relax in the heat and play in the pool. I took the boys with me b/c Doug had to work, and they did amazingly well on the drive and I see glimpses of them growing up when things like long drives get "easier". :)

Hopefully that is an okay update for now. Sorry again that the last one was months ago. If anyone in my family is still checking up on this, God bless you!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Go, go", "Ball", and Easter

Austin doesn't really talk. He says "Mama" only when he cries and "Dada" just as a babbling noise. But the other day when I woke the boys up from their nap in the afternoon, we headed down the stairs and Austin waved his little arm in the air (as if shooing Tyler along) and said "Go go!!!". Clear as day. I laughed and thought, "where did he get that???"... then I realized that I say that almost EVERY time they are going up or down the stairs because they take forever, dawdling and what not. So I'm always saying "go, go!". So that was hilarious. And THEN, on Saturday after we picked them up at Doug's parents house, he said "ball", pointing at his new ball that he got from Gramma during his two night stay.
Needless to say... he USED to be quiet. :)

Also, two weeks ago (or was it 3 weeks?) we celebrated Easter at Great Grandpa and Grandma Roberts' house with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. Tyler and Austin were the only two kids that could walk so they got to hunt for Easter eggs by themselves. Though, it was really just Ty. Leann Burgess, our cousin, was sweetly trying to get Austin to pick up ONE egg and put it in his basket for a picture... it was soooo funny because she was so patient and it took at least 10 minutes for Austin to pick it up... and then he threw it at her (in a loving way... he thought it was a ball). A very fun Easter. Austin, cousin Lucy and Tyler

P.S. My mother -in-law, Michele, took these pictures... so I have to credit her!!! Mine wouldn't be nearly this good! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Haircuts and Howarth

Yay for Saturdays at home with the WHOLE FAMILY!
We had no plans, either... soooo nice. It shows how busy we get when we can't remember the last time we hung out just the four of us. Well, it was a beautiful day (finally after all the rain!) so we dsecided to head to Howarth Park in Santa Rosa. Howarth has a great playground, picnic areas and a ton more. We rode the miniature train (much to Ty's delight).....

Then we headed to a picnic table to chow down on the lunch we packed. (Had to chase down Austin a couple times to get him to eat, since we were "sans high chair"). We had a great time in the sun.

Also, on Thursday I took the boys for a little haircut trim. (My sweet Mom-in-law was treating us to Easter pics at JCPenney the next day... yay!). First Ty went and was such a big boy (he loves getting his haircut)... then it was Austin's turn. I told the lady "Oh, I can sit down and hold him for you" (Which is what I've always done because he's just a little guy). She says "Oh, no... he's fine!" So she sits him up on the booster seat just like Ty was, like a big boy. He only tried to escape once! :) I couldn't believe he was old enough to just sit there.

I know it sounds goofy... but sometimes strange little milestones creep up on you! Here are some pictures of my big handsome men (after haircuts)!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh how suddenly your problems seem so small...

Yesterday we were informed by our church prayer chain that a dear young couple we know (guy grew up at Hessel) who live in SoCal now; have a son that was diagnosed to leukemia. He's 2. They have to start chemo right away. Horrible is such a slight word in this situation, isn't it? Gut wrenching heartache filled me when I read the email for prayer... and I'm not even his mommy.

God likes to give us reality checks. He gave me one in hearing about this. I can be so ungrateful for the simplist things... like health. My entire family is healthy... my husband, my two boys... even my mom, dad, brother, mom and da-in-law, sister and borther-in-law and niece. I get frustrated when Tyler ignores me.

Obviously this is human nature. It's how life goes and we do our best to glorify God and become more Christ-like in the midst of daily activities. But I think gratefulness for where were live, food on the table and healthy kids and loved ones can help in this process... because God has blessed us: in little and big ways.

The Bishop Boys happily playing in the snow.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Brand New Bishop Blog!

Dear Friends and ESPECIALLY Family...

I have decided to do this crazy thing called a blog... it's pretty much my own website that I can write and post whatever I want... pictures, stories, etc. I wanted to do this because many of you I don't get to see often enough because you live far away... and I must confess I am not the best phone call maker. Yet I truely do love all of you, near and far, and want to keep connected... so I thought this way you can check up on me and my "Bishop boys" anytime that you feel like it, and be caught up on all our happenings! AND you can comment back to me, too.

I hope I can keep this updated as much as possible... though the reason I don't call people is because usually there is someone talking or needing something 24/7 and it makes it hard to concentrate on a conversation. SO, who knows how I will do this but at least you don't hear children screaming in the background. :-)

All my thoughts and love go out to all of you who are seeing this! Hope everyone is healthy and happy.

xoxo Adria

P.S. This blog is brought to you in part by Brooke Kline... I figure if she can do it then I can too! I'm copying her. :) Love ya, girl!