Monday, July 13, 2009

Long update and does anyone in my family even check this, I have no idea...

So... I am a HORRID blogger. It's a fact. My friend Brooke is like beyond "on it" and another friend Courtney just started a blog so I was inspired to get my act together a bit. Just a quick update on our crazy summer so far and some pics of the boys. I'll try to be more on it from now on (emphasis on the word "try")...Tyler: Is just a big man, what can I say? Tyler is really enjoying summer. Loved camping (we took a trip with our extended "cousin family" on Doug's side: Brandon and Andrea Burgess, David and LeAnn Burgess and Ryan, Courtney, Riley and Danny Porter. It was crazy, dirty and fun); loves swimming (no fear); and of course, riding his NEW big boy "cool bike" as he calls it. He went to VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church last week and loved it. It was like having him go to preschool for four days, amazing. :) Over all he is at an amazing and challenging age... but so fun.Austin: My "Austin Bear" is everywhere and wants to do everything Tyler does. He has a few words (go, mama, dada, no, bye bye) but loves his paci so much we don't get to hear them :). He's still teething like crazy and we are looking forward to THAT being over, but in the meantime Austin still manages to have fun and get dirty and take toys from his brother. Austin is my snuggler and I never pass up a hug from ANY of my boys. :) (BTW... he climbed into the dryer himself).
Doug and I: Got to take a trip just the two of us in May to Tahoe. We went to South Lake and stayed at Mont Bleu. It was really nice to get away. We went on a sailing cruise on the Lake (70 degrees, just perfect) and layed in the sun on a catamaran while admiring the mountains. We also went to an art gallery, Edgewood golf course (to admire, not play... I would just be embarassing) and shopping. Doug played craps at the casino and did very well! A very fun weekend.

We've been working on fixing up our condo and slowing it is turning into the condo we always wanted it to be (yay!). Next step is replacing the floor downstairs from horrid carpet and tile to laminate. Doug is doing everything himself and I am thankful to have such a handy husband.

Just this last Saturday I got back from a trip to Fresno for Sachie's bridal shower. She's marrying my cousin Josh at the end of August. It was so fun to see my Fresno family (which now includes my brother who is attending FSU) and relax in the heat and play in the pool. I took the boys with me b/c Doug had to work, and they did amazingly well on the drive and I see glimpses of them growing up when things like long drives get "easier". :)

Hopefully that is an okay update for now. Sorry again that the last one was months ago. If anyone in my family is still checking up on this, God bless you!

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  1. I am terriably inconsistant when I blog, too! I am adding you to my google reader so you better keep it up :-)