Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Pick The Ending...

Hello again friends and family,

So do you remember (or have ever been to a) murder mystery theatre? In high school we did a play called "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". We learned like four or five possible endings to the show, each with a different character being the murderer and a corresponding song. :) Anyways, the audience got to vote on who was the murderer, and so, once a murderer was elected, we would act it out in that way. (Pictures of me in my costume NOT included in blog post) ;-)

Well, now it's your turn, though sorry- no murdering involved! YOU (reader of Bishop Blog) get to decide if I shall continue blogging. I know, it sounds like a pity party but it's NOT! I really want to know who has read all my posts. I haven't been consistent at all, so I know it's really my fault... so I think that I should stop. BUT if people in my family or friends that I don't see often (Courtney and Brooke, you don't count....sorry. But comment anyways!! :) actually DO like the updates and read them, please tell me so by clicking on the "0 comments" (or whatever number it says) link at the beginning of this post (right under the title), and leaving a comment. You can even just say hi.

NO GUILT!!!!!! If you DON'T read my blog, well... you are reading it right now, so... that's not you. What will happen is I will leave this up for a couple weeks and if nobody (or, not many) people comment then... this will be the last post. Which is fine, seriously. If I continue then I PROMISE I will blog more because NOW (drumroll, please...) I have the computer OUT of my boys' room so it is of easier access and use to me! Yay!

So... comment or not, no big deal, really! :)

Here are some pictures of us at the Gravenstein Apple Fair in Sebastopol... total throwback event of my youth. We enjoyed yummy food, tractors, and hippies dancing. Can't beat that. :)

Tyler in Bounce House; and with a corn dog

Doug telling Andrea a story
Doug and I

Austin checking out the animals

My personal favorite picture: Phil "proudly" pointing at the Weeks sign.

My and the boys on the "tractor train" ride