Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Giggles, Courtesy of Austin

Wow it's been since FEBRUARY that I posted. Sad, isn't it? I know you've all cried over my absence, right? Riiiiiight. Well, after my last post, as you all (I think) know, Austin took a fall out of him and Tyler's bedroom window. 2nd story, onto the concrete below. He's okay, praise God, but it was pretty much the worst few days of my life. I considered posting about it- because God did some amazing work- and I still feel very emotional about it when I look at his little "accident photo", so it's hard to write a whole post about it. I already experienced sharing about the experience in front of my Sisters in Scripture (our women's bible study I attend at church) and even though it was totally necessary in my (and God's) eyes to thank everyone for their prayers for Austin... I basically balled my bloody eyes out in front of everyone. It was very attractive. Not. SO... a post on Austin's fall may or may not come in the future.

Right now I feel the need to post on something more upbeat.... well, A LOT more upbeat. Last Friday night I made a disaster of a delicious dinner... disaster in the kitchen, glory to the tastebuds. (You can find it here if you want to experience it..... and you probably want to). Oh, and the disaster was mostly because I tried to make fried onion rings, not because of this recipe. So don't be scared.


The dinner ended up taking me forever so the boys went down late. I don't know if it was just a fluke or they were over tired and that's why they had gone completely bonkers.

First, I had to get a big fatty splinter out of Tyler's heel. Of course this did not go well. It took about ten minutes to pin him down before I finally got it, and tears were streaming down his face and he was sobbing... so sad. Austin was standing close by, observing. After I was done I said (as Ty was still very upset),
"Honey, I'm so sorry I hurt you. But if splinters stay in your skin they can hurt even more and then you have to go to the doctor to get it out."
Tyler: "Mo-o-ommmmyyyyyyy, it just hurt me really baaaaaad!"
Me: "I know, baby. I'm so sorry, but I had to do it."
Tyler: "Okaaaa-a-ayyy. (sob) I know."
Me: "Are you okay???"
Austin: "Yeah."

Tyler immediately stopped crying and we looked at each other for a moment and then busted up laughing. Austin, of course, was perfectly fine.... he was just standing there!!! We thought this was gloriously funny and of course Austin ate up the laughter.

And that was just the beginning.

Then I tried to read them a book.

So, we sat on me and Doug's bed and I started reading. Ever few seconds, Austin would stick his thumb in his mouth and "slurp" it out, making an obnoxious noise. This, not shockingly, made Tyler crack up. So I had to stop reading multiple times to tell them both to be quiet if they wanted to here the book.

They didn't listen, so in exacerbation I turned to Austin and said, "WHAT are you DOOOOOING, child!?!?!"

Austin said, plainly: "Tractor."

Riiiiiiight. That threw me into stifled laughter because once you laugh at them, discipline is out the window. So I was trying very hard to "stifle" it. As I open my mouth to begin reading another sentence in a controlled manner, Austin scoots up close to me an LETS ONE RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tyler was DONE by this point, red in face from laughter.

Austin then looks at me and says: "Burp."

It wasn't a burp that he shared with us.

I didn't finish the book that night.