Friday, October 9, 2009

Trying so very hard....

I was just telling my girlfriends last night that I think that I don't blog much because I don't find it interesting to anybody. Then I realized that Brooke does exactly the same thing (albeit way more often, she is so on it) and I read hers every day... I think HERS is interesting. So here I am again after a long thought out process of whether to keep the blog or not (by the way, I'm still not sure. I'm so fickle). Anyways, things are as well as they can be around these parts. October decided to come really fast and drastically change the weather from 102 degrees to 60 and windy. I hate the wind. (Has anyone else put flannel sheets on their bed yet? Because I'm highly considering it). I do NOT however, hate Halloween. I need to buy the boys' costumes like, yesterday... but dressing up and trick-or-treating is just precious. They have so much fun. So we're looking forward to that.

When it was still warmish outside last week or so, I took the boys outside in our "backyard". Since we decided to not buy a house for awhile, I've been trying REALLY hard to enjoy and appreciate what we do have. Our backyard that we actually own is not a yard at all... it's a storage area with bark and a 5x5 patio. So, we go outside the gate to the other "backyard"... the one we pay HOA to maintain every month??? (yeah i guess we should use it). So I let the boys run on the grass and play with their golf clubs and trucks and get out a little energy. It's a lot of effort because it's not fenced and there is a road right near the grassy knolls... but again, I'm trying really hard here to use and be grateful for what we do have..... see Austin heading for the road? I had already called him back twice at this point. There's a lot of running after children to make sure they live while we are "appreciating". :-)

The kids have a good time, they need an outlet and lets face it, cartoons just don't do it (though Imagination Movers help me to clean the floor). So seeing their little bodies run and run and run just brings joy to my soul and makes the whole thing worth it. Then daddy comes home and tries to fall asleep on the grass. Riiiiiiight. Good luck with that one, honey.

Other things that are fun and new: We went camping at Henry Cowell State Park a couple weeks ago with Mike and Michele. It was so fun and dirty as camping always is. However, Henry Cowell was super close to Santa Cruz, so not only did we go the Boardwalk (even Austin went on a ride by himself, so adorable), but also to the beach, Capitola and Roaring Camp Railroad. It was a nice last bit of summer for us.

Annabelle Lyric Burgess joined us on September 23rd! She is so beautiful and sweet you just want to gobble her up! Andrea and Brandon are doing great as new parents... Little Annie is so blessed to have them as parents. We are all so excited to have finally met her! :)

Tyler tried Brazilian Jiu Jitsu last night for the first time. I didn't get to stay and watch because the studio was all open and Austin thought it was all for him to run around on. So Doug stayed with Tyler and said afterwards he did really well; listened and did what they told him to do (fascinating, isn't it???). But the owner said for attention spans being so short at his age that we might want to wait just a couple months. Ty was the youngest in there so it totally made sense. But it was fun to start thinking about little activities for him to do on his own... big man.

They just keep growing.... and I keep trying to appreciate every moment at this age even amongst the whining, hitting, defiance and pouting. Because (as I like to tell Tyler when he asks "But whhhhhyyyyyyyy???") God put me in charge of them. And what other job would you really want than the one He gives you?


  1. Thank you for that reminder!!! And your blog IS interesting, thanks for posting a new one :)

  2. umm, totally interesting! and i love the new background. and tyler and ju juitsu (or however you spell it?) = SO. cute. do they get to wear little white karate outfits? ok, keep up the good work!

  3. That's why I gave up my blog... nothing interesting happens in my life. Unless people think that what paper I'm writing now is interesting... Love you and your little interesting self!