Monday, October 19, 2009

I lost my baby today...

Today was wonderful and horrible all at the same time. In the pouring rain we headed to the Dow's house for a much needed playdate/catch up with Maddie and Tina. Maddie had the day off from being a big first grader so the timing was perfect. Wonderful.

Tina and I sat in the family room sipping coffee as the kids ran up and down the stairs playing fairly well together as we caught up on our news. Wonderful.

Big Kids opened the front door. Left it open. Horrible.

(This is one of those stories that you really REALLY don't want to tell people about, because it makes it seem like you are the most terrible, unattentive parent in the universe; but it so profoundly affects you that you can't help but share. It's hard for me not to share when my heart breaks).

Austin goes out the front door. Tina and Adria, being not near the front door, didn't even know it was open. Horrible.

Big Kids say they can't find Austin. Wonderful. (That they told us).

I go running out in the rain while Tina looks all over the house. No trace. No trace at all. Horrible.

There is a field across the street from the Dow's that now has a small creek running through because of the rain. Horrible.

I look EVERWHERE on their street, thinking, "this is impossible- his legs aren't that long!"

Now both Tina and I were searching outside. Nothing.

This was probably 10 minutes, but you must agree- that is a lifetime while looking for a missing kid. A lifetime.

I finally got in my car; we were seriously ready to call the police. I roll down my windows in the rain, looking frantically. I think I might die. Horrible.

NEXT STREET OVER: Someone is looking in the backseat of their car while stopped in the middle of the street. I'm thinking, might be wonderful.

It was... a sweet lady saw him wandering and picked him up. Lord bless her, she said she had grandbabies (a midst my sobs) and even had a carseat in her car. I think I hugged her four times. She was strapping him in to go knock on doors when I found them. Wonderful.

God is good. So so so so so amazingly good. The things that could have happened, DIDN'T. Let's not go into those, they are already playing in my head.

Needless to say, I'm feeling VERY grateful for my healthy boys today. I lost my baby today and he's okay. Thank you, Jesus.

Now, go give your own babies a kiss. Or your dog. Or significant other. I did.

I might give Austin a couple more days sleeping with his pacifier.


  1. Oh my gosh Adria, I have tears in my eyes!!! That is soooooo incredibly... well there are no words for that, awful, terrifying??? Oh honey, praise the Lord for that Grandma! Praise Him that He has His eyes on your boys ALL THE TIME (even when you can't). You're a wonderful mother and it happens every day. I love you xoxo

  2. Honey I am so sorry! I started crying reading this thinking about not only what you must have been going through but what my sweet little Austin was thinking!! You are such a great mom and i'm so sorry this kind of thing happened to you, but please know (and believe) that it could've happened to anyone. Praise God He always has His eye on Austin and you:-) Kisses!