Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Brand New Bishop Blog!

Dear Friends and ESPECIALLY Family...

I have decided to do this crazy thing called a blog... it's pretty much my own website that I can write and post whatever I want... pictures, stories, etc. I wanted to do this because many of you I don't get to see often enough because you live far away... and I must confess I am not the best phone call maker. Yet I truely do love all of you, near and far, and want to keep connected... so I thought this way you can check up on me and my "Bishop boys" anytime that you feel like it, and be caught up on all our happenings! AND you can comment back to me, too.

I hope I can keep this updated as much as possible... though the reason I don't call people is because usually there is someone talking or needing something 24/7 and it makes it hard to concentrate on a conversation. SO, who knows how I will do this but at least you don't hear children screaming in the background. :-)

All my thoughts and love go out to all of you who are seeing this! Hope everyone is healthy and happy.

xoxo Adria

P.S. This blog is brought to you in part by Brooke Kline... I figure if she can do it then I can too! I'm copying her. :) Love ya, girl!


  1. What a wonderful idea, especially for those who don't get to see your beautiful faces on a regular basis. Hugs & Kisses, Gramma Bishop A.K.A. - Michele

  2. YAYAYAYAYAYYA!! SO excited for your blog ;) Love you!