Saturday, April 11, 2009

Haircuts and Howarth

Yay for Saturdays at home with the WHOLE FAMILY!
We had no plans, either... soooo nice. It shows how busy we get when we can't remember the last time we hung out just the four of us. Well, it was a beautiful day (finally after all the rain!) so we dsecided to head to Howarth Park in Santa Rosa. Howarth has a great playground, picnic areas and a ton more. We rode the miniature train (much to Ty's delight).....

Then we headed to a picnic table to chow down on the lunch we packed. (Had to chase down Austin a couple times to get him to eat, since we were "sans high chair"). We had a great time in the sun.

Also, on Thursday I took the boys for a little haircut trim. (My sweet Mom-in-law was treating us to Easter pics at JCPenney the next day... yay!). First Ty went and was such a big boy (he loves getting his haircut)... then it was Austin's turn. I told the lady "Oh, I can sit down and hold him for you" (Which is what I've always done because he's just a little guy). She says "Oh, no... he's fine!" So she sits him up on the booster seat just like Ty was, like a big boy. He only tried to escape once! :) I couldn't believe he was old enough to just sit there.

I know it sounds goofy... but sometimes strange little milestones creep up on you! Here are some pictures of my big handsome men (after haircuts)!

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  1. OK seriously, who is that little boy Austin? I don't even recognize him! I was gonna ask if you wanted to go to Howarth this Wed, then I read your blog!! LOL