Monday, April 18, 2011

The Lost Month of March

Seriously it has been since Austin's birthday that I have posted.... SEEEEEERIOUSLY!?!?! That is just sadness! But, in fact, it is true- my month of March got lost. Mostly due to sickness, my miserable March actually flew by. I missed meetings, bible study, playdates and all sorts of good stuff. At the very end I blessedly was well enough to go on my planned trip to Fresno to see Beth Moore and go to a Women's Ministry Leadership conference... phew! It was an awesome trip. Now we're in full-fledged "spring" (it's still raining) mode- with 5 weeks until Wyatt is due, I am feeling the "Spring Cleaning"/ nesting fever. My dearest friend Brooke is having her C-section tomorrow, and then we will no longer be pregnant together! **SIGH** It's been so nice, Brooke, to have someone to whine with!!! :) But I am soooo happy for her, she has put in her time and deservedly gets to hold her little girl tomorrow. I can't WAIT to meet her!!!

So, ONE of the reasons my miserable March was so miserable was because I was sent to the hospital with pnuemonia. I had to stay three nights! Mercy in heaven it was soooo awful. I'm just not one of those people who likes to be in the hospital, even when there are nurses waiting on you. It felt really dramatic, but I guess I wouldn't have been there if it wasn't necessary. One of the things that was really concerning my doc was my low oxygen levels. I couldn't talk and hold my oxygen level above 90 on my own (they wanted me to be a minimum of 94). As soon as I would start to carry on a conversation (it probably disn't help that I am naturally a fast talker), my oxygen levels would plummet. UGH! Anyways, other than needing a special inhaler and my lungs taking forever to heal, I am much MUCH better. :) I actually can remember the last time I felt that sick... I was 9.

Now, onward! Trying to get "normal life" things done before Wyatt arrives, as well as organize the condo and plan our church's Spring Tea. That's the update for now! I will post some cute pics of Tyler's preschool Spring Show soon!