Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh how suddenly your problems seem so small...

Yesterday we were informed by our church prayer chain that a dear young couple we know (guy grew up at Hessel) who live in SoCal now; have a son that was diagnosed to leukemia. He's 2. They have to start chemo right away. Horrible is such a slight word in this situation, isn't it? Gut wrenching heartache filled me when I read the email for prayer... and I'm not even his mommy.

God likes to give us reality checks. He gave me one in hearing about this. I can be so ungrateful for the simplist things... like health. My entire family is healthy... my husband, my two boys... even my mom, dad, brother, mom and da-in-law, sister and borther-in-law and niece. I get frustrated when Tyler ignores me.

Obviously this is human nature. It's how life goes and we do our best to glorify God and become more Christ-like in the midst of daily activities. But I think gratefulness for where were live, food on the table and healthy kids and loved ones can help in this process... because God has blessed us: in little and big ways.

The Bishop Boys happily playing in the snow.

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  1. Some similar thoughts have been going through my head this whole weekend. And lots of prayers.