Monday, January 31, 2011

Trying Out Tahoe

Okay, that's a bad title for this post because for Doug and I, we don't need to try out Tahoe. We just love it. I think Doug says "YES. I LOVE it here!" like 8 times during the weekend. But for the Troublemakers, it was a mostly new experience. Tyler remembers when we went two years ago, but Austin was just over 1 year old! So, he just toddled around and napped really. And Tyler wasn't old enough to SNOWBOARD (woot!) which we had him try this time!
So, really, the Troublemakers were trying out Tahoe. :) We had a great time! Tyler did great on the board, though wanted to go back to sledding after awhile (not shocking). We were at a park near our hotel that had embankments along one side of a soccer field that people use for sledding. So we did, too... along with the snowboarding and a bit of playing at the actual playground.

We stayed at Mont Bleu, which is, admittedly, a hotel and casino (it is Nevada after all ;-)). But, we never even saw the casino floor, which was nice. We DID, though, take many trips to the indoor pool!

It was a good two days, with a difficult second night but it was worth it. (Sharing a room with them is just NOT sleep-friendly for me!). They are already saying "Next time we go to Tahoe...."


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