Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going Lactose Free to See

... if I am intolerant. Well, I know I am intolerant of half and half, my utmost fave thing to add to my coffee! SADNESS!!!! BUT, lately I have notice a sensitivity to other dairy products (well, cow milk products). So, I officially began at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. I bought goat milk, goat milk yogurt and coconut milk ice cream to try it all out and see how my body feels.

The goat milk I put on my oatmeal this morning, which was fine in the patmeal, but plain was, welll... kinda "goat-y" as my friend Brigitte said. It tasted like liquid goat cheese. And I loooooove goat cheese! But liquid will take some getting used to. I think I will get some vanilla almond milk or coconut milk to try for that.

Brigitte's sister Heidi has been dairy free for 4 years and helped me out a lot on what to try. It will be interesting to see what the difference is! Anywho, Heidi's best suggestion was indulge in some ice cream!!!! So I did- actually a COMPLETELY dairy free one... not even goat milk!

And it is SUPER GOOD!!!!!! Mmmmm. I am eating right now! :)

Just though I would share... I'll let you know how it goes. I would love any suggestions!


  1. I've been experiencing the same problem for about 5 years now... I've just stop drinking cows milk and every now and then when I have ice cream I pop a lactaid... I've recently had problem with the lactaid actually working. I'm intrigued to see what works for you, I might have to get some ideas from you too. Good Luck!! :) xoxo

  2. Look at you and your consistent blogging! mmm goaty milk sounds so good right now:)