Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year and No New Blog Name

Like I said to almost everyone: "I hate to say I told you so... but...

"IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!"

A Wyatt to be exact. I am finally giving in to Doug's favorite boy name (he's made three now, so I think he's earned it). So, the blog name does not have to change (I know all 3 of you were on the edge of your seats)... I am still "Happy With My Bishop Boys"!!!

This new year has had me feeling refreshed and ready for a new start, and I am ready to get the house up to snuff and prepared for baby-on-the-way and George.

Who George, you ask? I have not inroduced him to the online world yet, have I??? Well, here is George:

 He is our bearded dragon. We gave him to The Troublemaker's as a Christmas present. Our first official family pet! George is great. BUT, he is a little high maintenance in one way: SPACE. Right now, George lives on tope of the Throublemakers' dresser in his cage. But George is going to grow (not by a ton, but enough) and need a NEW enclosure cage thing, that Doug is going to build. Anyways, this new cage still needs to be off the ground. So, Doug thinks the best idea is to buy a new dining room table and chairs and move the old dining room table UP TO THE BEDROOM (Say WHAAAAT?!?!?) to put George on in his new mansion. This will happen in the next 3-4 months.

Wait: DID I MENTION WYATT IS EXPECTED TO ARRIVE IN ABOUT 4 AND A HALF MONTHS???? Yeeeeeeah....... about that. So, in this room that seems to have endless space (it doesn't), we now need room for our dining room table. And a baby. And this baby needs a crib. Which we have, but Troublemaker #2 is in it. So HE needs a bed. And baby needs a dresser. So now we need a dining room table, chairs, a bunk bed, two twin mattresses, new bedding for those twin mattresses and a new dresser. **PHEW!!!**

So, preparing for Wyatt and tending to George feels a little overwhelming right now. But something about it being a new year just feels energizing!!! And I have two friends due before me (a third has just given birth!), so I do feel like I have SOME time. And it's 2nd trimester happy time, with more energy and no sickness. YAY!

So, a happy 2011 to all 4 of you who read this. :) I am going to try this year to post more! I hope I have bunk beds to show soon. :)


  1. :)
    Maybe a crib/lizard bunk combo? Haha

  2. Everytime people alk about Ty's new lizard Caelen always tells them it's a dragon. Hopefully he won't get as big as a dragon ;)

  3. Umm, yay, you're blogging again, hooray! Penn is totally fascinated with George!!!