Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Freakout

Okay, confession time:

1. Today, I ate half of Troublemaker #2's doughnut. It had sprinkles.

2. I usually freak out a little on Fridays.

"But, WHY!?!?" You might ask. "Friday is almost everyone's favorite day of the week. The end of the work week, maybe with some fun plans in the midst."

Right. Well, from a stay-at-home mom's point of view... well, at least THIS stay-at-home mom's point of view, I know that Friday is the end of my ability to do the homemaker part of my job. The cleaning, meal planning, shopping, laundry and the like. Because the hubby and me both don't really like doing chores on the weekend. SO, on Friday I desperately try to get a ton of stuff done before my handsome man gets home from work, so that we can enjoy the weekend. I am not saying this to be like all "holier than supermom" or anything, because I really don't do a very good job at it AND, I don't think it's healthy.

Most of my freak outs aren't healthy. Yours aren't either.

So, instead of cleaning my floor... I blogged.

Any tips??? (Other than, get over it? I have a chore chart, btw.)


  1. She intimidates but also inspires me. That is where I got my daily chore list, etc from.

  2. I totally run out of gas on Wednesday, as far as house-cleaning goes! So Friday is the day I throw my hands in the air, look at the dust on the floor and everywhere and say, "We'll just have to get to it on Sunday afternoon!"

  3. LOL!! You make me laugh girlfriend ;) I have no advice because..... all I did today was clean. Then when Thomas walked in the door my feet were swollen like balloons and I had to lay down, completely useless.

  4. I have no advise but I love you anyway!:)

  5. ooh! ooh! get that robot thingie that moves around the floor and cleans up. orrrr, just hide everything in the closet. that's always a solid plan :)