Monday, February 7, 2011

Who's The Crib For?

Yesterday we had our dear friends Brandon and Andrea and their little pumpkin Annabelle over for the Super Bowl. It was fun to visit and eat yummy snacks! Anyways, when people have been over the last few days, the boys immediately want to show off their new bunk beds (or, "bonk beds", as it sounds when they say it). So, B & A graciously went upstairs to humor them. (I will post pics soon of the crowded room. ;-) )

Austin, who has had a bit of trouble transitioning out of the crib (not TOO bad, it's more whining and complaining than anything) to his bottom bunk, jumped up on it to show off to Andrea as soon as we got in the room. (I was really happy to see this, just for the sake of knowing that he is proud of it helps!).
Andrea said, "Is that your new bed!?!?"
Austin: "Yeah! I sleep on da bonk bed!"
Andrea: "Wow!"
Me: "Such a big boy bed, huh?"
Austin: "Yeah... (pointing at the crib) That's for Quiet."

(As in, his baby brother on the way's name is Quiet.) LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Lord, I pray Wyatt lives up to his nickname, Amen!

  2. quiet wyatt? yeah right :) i wanna see bonk bed pics! love you.