Monday, December 13, 2010


My terminally awesome friend Courtney inspired me to blog today... I don't think she would mind me saying that SHE hasn't blogged in awhile (but def not as long as it's been for me) and it made me happy to read her post so I decided to give you, my three loyal readers ;-), a little something. I've been home today doing massive amounts of laundry in an attempt to prepare for a week long organzing cleaning overhaul, brought on by: a. Tyler's 5th birthday party, so more stuff came home.... b. Christmas stuff everywhere, and of course presents that WILL come and make clutter/take up space that doesn't exist... and c. Doug's parents and his grandma are coming by in T -7 days. His grandma has never been to our house so I feel like it should be as close to perfect as humanly possible. I know, ridiculous. I'm just being honest about my feelings. So, I'm still in my pajamas and need to start a new load, but I'm super good at distracting myself. So, here I am! Blogging! A miracle. (BTW, how good is that description "terminally awesome"??? I just made it up. And she is.)

FIRST of all, here are my Troublemakers:

This is what Austin does when I try and take a picture. Makes a face. How charming. Tyler turns 5 tomorrow.... WHAAAAT!?!? Such a milestone, I think. Austin is... a perfect "little brother". :)

Second, as most (all?) of you know, I am expecting baby #3 at the end of May... and hopefully we will find out in the next few weeks what the gender is. It's crazy and exciting!

Lastly, here is a video (first one posted on my blog EVER!) of the boys praying at bedtime. I think it's sweet and kind of funny (you can catch Austin saying "Thank you for Max's birthday"... Max (a dear, sweet 1 year old friend) had his brithday at the end of October. He's been thanking God for it every night since)... They ask to pray every night which is so awesome and melts a mommy's heart. Austin says "I do pray" or "I do dear God" to let us know HE gets to go first. ;-) The video is black because we're in the dark! Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE THAT VIDEO! My favorite lines: "tell us what to do", "our cozy house", "dear God, Amen"! Thanks for the shout out! I heart you and your blog so keep it up!