Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The First Day of Preschool!

Here's the big man in front of the sign... didn't realize I have a huge smudge on my camera until now :(

Here he comes, the BIG official preschooler- Tyler! Today was his first day at Mt. Taylor Children's Center and I can't even believe it is finally here! He went from 8:30am-11:30am and the teacher said he did good!

This morning Tyler kept asking, "Can I go to preschool noooooow?!?!?!" and has been excited for months- but when we walked into the room and all the unfamiliarity set in, it was like FROZEN BOY had taken over his body. I was trying not to push him into circle time- where the other kids were- and Martha, the teacher, must've read my mind and let Ty play with a puzzle at a table while she continued with the other kids. I was able to shuffle myself out the door before he could say "I want to go home!" again and just... LEFT. It was weird! And very quiet in my car ;-).

When I went to pick him up they were heading in from play time and I snuck by the door without him seeing me to sign him out. As I passed, a beautiful little curly-ponytailed girl poked her head out the door, looked straight at me and said "Tyyyyyyylerrrrrr...." (in quite a flirty little voice, I must say). I said "Shhhh!" and came back moments later to find Ty sitting in the circle, with the other kids, engaged in story time. Austin gave us away by yelling "DAAAAAA!!!!!" (which I'm pretty sure means "Tyler" ;) and Tyler looked, popped up and ran to give me a happy hug. Yay!

Austin took that opportunity to take Tyler's place in the circle to listen to the story. Tyler went back and kindly (seriously) told Austin that he was listening to the story and please move. I distracted Austin and let Tyler listen to the story before leaving.

Tyler has not told me anything that he did at preschool (teenage boy syndrome already!?!?!)- he's "too tired". Whatever. We'll see what he tells Daddy later! We survived the first day!!! Crazy... I feel like I'm growing up.

Austin wanted a cameo in the "First Day of Preschool" photos

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  1. That's so crazy and awesome! You're just growing up right before my eyes:)xoxo